The Classic range of spirit flavourings is Still Spirits premium selection of the world’s finest spirits!

    Making them is quick and easy! Simply mix the spirit flavouring with the required amount of 40% ABV home distilled neutral alcohol. Each pack holds twin sachets and makes up 2 x 1.125ml (1.2 US qt) bottles.

    No matter your tipple or flavouring of choice you’re covered; from Bourbon, Dark Rum, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Whiskey and Light Rum.

    They couldn’t be simpler to make!
    • Add one sachet per 1.125 L (1.2 US qt) of 40% ABV home distilled neutral alcohol
    • Rinse out any remaining flavouring from the sachet with some of the alcohol
    • Shake the finished product bottle well
    • Leave for 24-48 hours
    • Enjoy, store for later, or give away as a great gift idea!

    Classic range comes in 20 flavourings;

    • American Bourbon Flavouring - Creates a rich smoky style bourbon flavouring with wood barrel aromas and subtle chocolate and vanilla notes for a smooth finish.
    • Australian Gold Rum Flavouring - A golden warming rum style flavouring followed with sweet wine and vanilla after notes and a lingering alcohol taste complimenting the gentle spiciness.
    • Bison Plains Vodka Flavouring - Makes a Bison Grass style vodka flavouring, with woodruff, vanilla and coconut notes finished with the taste of roasted almonds.
    • Blue Jewel Gin Flavouring - Makes an exceptionally smooth, citrus style gin flavouring. Full of complex aromatic spices and a touch of sweetness.
    • Brandy Flavouring - Makes a mellow and well-aged style brandy flavouring, with subtle grape and fruit notes.
    • Calypso Dark Rum Flavouring - Makes a smooth, golden molasses style rum flavouring, popular in the Caribbean.
    • Finest Reserve Whiskey Flavouring - Makes a smooth, subtle style whiskey flavouring with sweet floral and fruit tones, followed by hints of smoky peat.
    • Gin Flavouring - Makes a distinctive gin style flavouring. Clean tasting with a strong juniper flavouring and angelica spice.
    • Jamaican Dark Rum Flavouring - Makes a traditional Jamaican rum style flavouring, with molasses and caramel aromas.
    • London Gin Flavouring - Makes a London Dry style gin flavouring, with delicate juniper spice notes and a lively yet balanced finish.
    • Navy Dark Rum Flavouring - Makes a dark, sweet, mellow style rum flavouring, similar to the seafaring rums of old.
    • Northern Whiskey Flavouring - Makes a smooth unblended style whiskey flavouring, with scents of lemon zest, toffee, apples and subtle coconut notes.
    • Queensland Gold Rum Flavouring - Makes a smooth, golden rum style flavouring, with hints of vanilla and a sweet caramel finish.
    • Shamrock Whiskey Flavouring - Makes a fine, triple distilled, Irish style whiskey flavouring. Smooth with a malty flavouring and notes of lemon, charred wood and sweet spice.
    • Single Whiskey Flavouring - Makes a smooth, rich, creamy, unblended style, whiskey flavouring. With hints of chocolate and vanilla.
    • Spiced Gold Rum Flavouring - Makes a smooth, honey style rum flavouring, combined with warm spices and dark caramel notes.
    • Tennessee Bourbon Flavouring - Makes a sour mash style whiskey flavouring. Stacked with aromas, but still mellow and smooth.
    • VSOP Flavouring - Makes a distinguished and smooth style brandy flavouring, with subtle grape fragrances and a delicate colour.
    • Whiskey Flavouring - Makes a full flavoured, rich and golden, traditional whiskey style flavouring.
    • White Rum Flavouring - Makes a smooth, white rum style flavouring, slightly sweet with subtle tones of molasses.

    How To Distil

    Looking to learn How To Distil your very own homemade spirits, then we have you covered!


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