Love a night cap of bourbon whiskey? you are going to love our new Top Shelf Tennessee Whiskey Spirit Essence.

A smooth and complex American style whiskey with lingering woody notes. 

Written by Rachael Pickering — January 29, 2014


Paul Robinson:

This is something worth trying if you’re looking for a JD flavor. Very nice Still Spirits keep up the good work.

June 21 2014


Thanks for that, didn’t know that about the body shop. I’ve just switched to nruaatl organic make-up for various reasons, its nice to know that there are some brands out there that actually care about what goes into their products. Btw nice to know you’re a fellow muslim :))Thanks for the info =)

December 21 2014


Milo and Moo deserve to try out the brand ‘Wellness’ too… nartual and nutritious !! Wellness has turkey and salmon range products which are good for X’mas celebration with them two.

December 25 2014

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