Finally, Still Spirits is bringing to you a state of the art home pot still!

Our Alchemist Series Alembic Pot Still will allow you to make traditional spirit from grain and other products where you wish to retain the flavours rather than strip them out.

Make traditional whiskey from grain and impress friends and family with this new setup plus so much more, the options are endless. Click here to read about how it works!

Currently available in NZ and will be in Aus very soon. It will be on its way to UK, US, Canada and South Africa soon too. See your local stockist to enquire about getting your hands on one.

Written by Rachael Pickering — January 29, 2014


Fred French:

How do I find the copper parts for the top of the Turbo 500. I already own the still but want a price on the alembic parts. Thanks

February 24 2014

Still Spirits:

Hi Fred, sorry I didn’t see your message come through. Check our stockists under the BUY tab to enquire with your closest store for price and availability.

April 02 2014


When video demonstration for t500 alembic? Have bought one
, would like visual help as you have for t500.

May 26 2014


I also want instruction on the potstill condenser. Where can I find info on the alembic operations and set up. thanks pm

May 28 2014


The dome and condenser look fantastic!! Questions: at what percentage %v/v would would the first, second and third run usually come out at? At what temperatures is it recommended to run at?

July 15 2014


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August 26 2014


When can we expect rum mash to come to nsw .As I already have whiskey mash

September 19 2014


i need an instruction video for the alembic still – similar to the t500 still
please make and post asap

September 23 2014

norman hutchinson:

when are you going to show your alembic pot still all grain whisky on videio instead of telling us just the basics of operating the alembic as you have shown us every other new still and grainfather a full visual of recipes and operating the others

November 09 2014


Wish you would provide more detailed &CORRECT info on using the alembic pot still with the product and on your site. Tried mine last night and it seemed the included instructions were for the reflux column.

January 20 2015


Can the alembic copper dome fit on your previous reflux still boiler unit (the one before the T500 came out)?

July 11 2015

Joanna white:

I love your Excellent products! I have had the T500 Turbo in ss for some time, as well as up grading to the new copper version recently, a beautiful piece or art. Now just bought the Alembic pot still to try, however I have had some problems with the Alembic pot still that I have added to my Still Spirit collection. First, I think a more detailed instruction booklet is needed and a DVD like with I got with both of my Turbo 500 ss and Turbo 500 copper would help, suggestions are a good thing. Example would be, I have cold water well and the temperature control has been a control problem, so decided to collect 55 gal of well water in a barrel and allow to become my cooling source water instead of the slow drop of the temp from my deep well source. Also, I need operation temp perimeters starting suggestions for the alembic condenser. And finally and a really BIG disappointment for me was the fragile softness of the copper tube neck, bending seemed to have thinned the tube wall thickness to a weak point and I managed to bent and twist (a little) when installing on to dome. The base nut threads on the alembic condenser seemed much courser then the ones on my T500’s, perhaps quality issue? I did my best getting things somewhat straighten back but a warning would have been appreciated before attempted assembly with a better set on instructions. Thank You for taking my comments and for your fine product lines as I use most of them to some degree or the other with great success. Best Regards, Joanna

September 06 2015


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January 21 2016


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April 16 2016


I was advised that you would be introducing a Gin basket for the Alembic Pot Still.
Can you advise when this is going to be available in the UK ?


June 13 2016


Does the new grainfather pid controller work with the t500 collum as I want to distill vodka and do you set the temperature to 100 Celsius or lower as the is a pid controller and not a temperature sensor like your previous controller

December 29 2016


гепатит а прививка в индию печень при цирроз печени

January 21 2017

Marinda M. Bartsch:

I had a bottle of white whiskey given to me about a week ago and it had sticks of Cinnamon in it, its going down very smooth and taste delicious.

April 09 2017


Also keen on a gin basket for the pot still in NZ. Is there anything already available that would work nicely?

April 11 2017

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