We have been experiencing a fault with our T500 boiler. Although the percentage of this fault found is on as little as .084% of boilers, safety of our customers always comes first. The concern is the brass nut which was originally used to hold the tap in place. We have found that the brass nut has the potential to become brittle if knocked during storage or usage. This means that there is a small chance the tap could fall off.

Boilers manufactured since October 2012 now have a stainless steel nut. This ensures resistance to heat and corrosion, meaning they are not at risk. The boilers manufactured before this time can be clearly identified. These are boilers without stickers on the base with a production date and serial number as shown.

If you have a boiler that was purchased before October 2012, PLEASE EMAIL US ON providing your address, as we have stainless steel nuts available to send out to you so you can replace this. 


SAFETY PRECAUTION: The T500 Boiler becomes very hot during operation, extreme care needs to be taken. Please ensure you always position the tap of the boiler over the sink to avoid handling the hot boiler when emptying contents. Also ensure other persons, especially children are kept well clear during and after operation of the boiler.

Written by Rachael Pickering — June 05, 2013


Cynthia & Pete:

Hi, We have had the T500 for just over 1 year (and LOVE it) and just yesterday the tap began leaking – not from the base of the tap but the spout. It varied from a drip to a fairly fast flow. Could this fault be related to the brass nut or another issue. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much. Cynthia & Pete

December 28 2013

Ahmed Alfayad:

i need price list for 2 distillation unit for essential oil ( herbal plant) the price for each one with shipping to Jordan not exceeded 5000 dollar
please send for me your price list with specification

March 18 2014


The reset button keeps turning unit off what is going wrong T500 six months old

September 22 2014


Hi, great website! So uefusl to get correct costs for various fuel. Incredible that many older folk were persuaded to replace their coal systems with oil (many losing their back boilers) in the name of efficiency. Most people I know in Donegal are using coal more than oil now and it’s hard to get cheap wood We’re lucky to have both options. The oil is used only minimally for winter mornings, gales and arctic freeze.RE outside outside boiler. Four years ago when being installed, I queried the builders several times re the rust factor, waste of heat etc etc and I hadn’t even researched it but was talked down as though I had silly notions. Turns out I was right. Our wet climate has caused rust that is getting worse, to the point of near corrosion. Luckily boiler is flush against back wall so no underground warm pipe to freeze. I took precaution of lagging the pipe to oil tank though, a few metres away although have been advised that that one never freezes?? Have now put build round the boiler on To Do list for this year. At least, the wasted heat can keep some equipment and store stuff dry and my gardening clothes warm. Will make it into a uefusl store, allowing flue out and up through roof of course.PS Particularly enjoyed your future house design shared material. Keep up great work!

December 25 2014


there is turbo copper dispenser does anyone have information on ?

January 11 2015


When doing the second run to purify the stripped alcohol, the condenser fails to sufficiently condense the alcohol and a lot of steam is coming out the spout. What am I doing wrong? The condenser remains cool to the touch, but the rest of the spout is extremely hot.

October 07 2015


Hi, I am following the all steps showed in the video for T500 but still getting only 3 L as 93% alcohol with the mixer of 20 L water and 8 kg sugar. please advice how to get more then 3 L. Thanks

October 12 2016

Lee Barnard:

We have a Turbo 500 still and the reset switch on the bottom keeps tripping before the boiler gets hot enough. Do you sell or have a part number for a new reset switch?

November 25 2016


The same issue here; the cutout fuse keeps tripping. I send them an email and did not get any answer yet.
Anyhow I unscrewed the cap on the bottom of the unit and took a look at the fuse and it seems to be KSD301-PR manual reset bimetal thermostat. You may want to google for it. However at this moment I am not sure if replacing it will fix the issue.
Someone, somewhere on the net said that there is also a thermal fuse inline with the cable, the section that is secured against the heating element and it has some kind of clothing.
Anyhow I found the still spirits support very disappointing and also the fact that there is no electric diagram for the unit, or at least I was not able to find it.
Meanwhile I have a boiler that does not run and some mash that’s gonna go to waste.

December 30 2016

That dude:

I have the same issue going on. I however am not willing to accept defeat. If you override the reset (put something under to hold the reset button) it will work. I know this is not safe but I’m not going to waste my wash. Keep a fire extinguisher by your feet and a infrared thermometer on it just in case.

July 02 2017

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