Make a London Dry style gin with the Gin Botanicals Kit and Botanical Basket. Simply make your spirit wash as normal, put your Botanicals Kit ingredients into the basket and screw the basket on to the Alembic Pot Still dome and condensor or T500 condenser (by removing the saddles) and run your spirit through.

You can also use the Botanicals Basket to infuse your spirit with other flavours e.g. citrus or elderflower for your own unique brand of spirit.

The Gin Botanicals Kit is a blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, liquorice root and citrus peels. The ideal blend to make a delicious London Dry style gin. 

Written by Rachael Pickering — August 17, 2017


Tom Verschelde:

I tried distilling a gin with this basket. It went wrong after 15min. The wash turned dirty greenish and the result turned the same color. I’m using the t500. I removed everything from the column before starting. I was wondering how i could solve this? Do i only remove the copper sadles? I let the cold water run true the condenser, do i need to change it directly true the coil?

September 30 2017

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