Important Notice: Air Still Infusion Basket

The Still Spirits Air Still has a hole under the lid where vapour enters and condenses in the cooling coil before coming out as liquid alcohol. It has come to our attention that a few customers are finding pieces of botanicals stuck within the cooling coil. This may cause unwanted pressure build up inside of the unit.


To prevent this, when using the Air Still Infusion Basket we suggest:

  • Use a muslin cloth, hop bag or tea bag when using small botanical materials such as dried herbs and spices.
  • Use plant material that are larger than the hole under the lid i.e. larger than 1cm in diameter.
  • We do not recommend turning the top of the Air Still upside down when inserting the basket. Make sure no plat material falls into the hole. 


  • Adam

    I have an issue with getting the quantity of botanicals in the basket – it simply doesn’t hold enough, and the muslin (just one layer of) gets between the lip and the lid preventing it locking in place :-(

    Any suggestions for a larger basket?

  • Graham Ross

    I purchased my Airstill 5 years ago and it doesn’t have the 2 nods in lid for the basket
    To clip into
    How do I get the basket to clip into the lid without having to get another Airstill?

  • Paul

    I bought my Air Still today and from what I understand and saw this morning the basket is separate, it isn’t part of the still kit. The whole reason I bought an Air Still was the wife wants me to make her this sort of gin :) Once I’ve made a few bourbons and got the hang of it I’ll be trying this.

  • Sybille

    does the Air Still Infusion Basket come with the still or does it need to be purchased separately?

  • Mike

    It is in the (Whats new) department

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