Important Information - T500 Boiler

We have been experiencing a fault with our T500 boiler. Although the percentage of this fault found is on as little as .084% of boilers, safety of our customers always comes first. The concern is the brass nut which was originally used to hold the tap in place. We have found that the brass nut has the potential to become brittle if knocked during storage or usage. This means that there is a small chance the tap could fall off.

Boilers manufactured since October 2012 now have a stainless steel nut. This ensures resistance to heat and corrosion, meaning they are not at risk. The boilers manufactured before this time can be clearly identified. These are boilers without stickers on the base with a production date and serial number as shown.

If you have a boiler that was purchased before October 2012, PLEASE EMAIL US ON providing your address, as we have stainless steel nuts available to send out to you so you can replace this. 


SAFETY PRECAUTION: The T500 Boiler becomes very hot during operation, extreme care needs to be taken. Please ensure you always position the tap of the boiler over the sink to avoid handling the hot boiler when emptying contents. Also ensure other persons, especially children are kept well clear during and after operation of the boiler.

Written by Rachael Pickering — June 05, 2013


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