Like many good stories, this one starts with a good beer - a home brewed beer in fact. 
The story of what led to Still Spirits started in 1989 when a passionate homebrewer with that kiwi ingenuity, entrepreneurial flair decided that he wanted to take his passion to the world by starting a small homebrewing store in Petone, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. His ethos was to make it simple, easy and fun for anyone to get into the hobby.
Business was humming along and people seemed to be more and more interested in making their own drinks, experimenting and crafting something themselves. He started producing his own range of distilling flavours and still which he was wholesaling to homebrew stores around New Zealand. 
In 1996, New Zealand became one of the only countries where distilling spirits is legal and since then the hobby has grown. 
Fast forward to today, and Still Spirits is the leading brand internationally in home distilling. We're known for superior equipment, commitment to quality, and our knowledge and passion for making spirits means we have the ability to guide and inspire those who share the satisfaction of making and distilling spirits at home. 
The ethos behind Still Spirits back in the early 90's - "to make it simple, easy and fun for anyone to get into the hobby" still reigns true today. 
With more and more people venturing into home distilling, but tighter restrictions globally, the category is shrouded in mystery and misinformation. What was a simple idea to start off with has evolved into something bigger, with a real drive to shed the moonshine baggage through education and inspiration, so we can share our passion with more and more people. It is our mission to encourage, inspire and enable the art of making and distilling spirits so we can enable the craft to live on with confident distillers inspiring the next generation of home distillers.