FAQ for Flavourings

I am gluten intolerant. Which Still Spirits flavourings do not contain any gluten?

Please follow this link for a full list on Gluten Free Flavourings.

The following yeasts also do not contain any wheat products and are thus safe for gluten intolerant people:

I'm using low cost grain alcohol/vodka instead of distilling my own spirit and it has gone cloudy when I added the flavouring to it.

Some spirits are best made with slightly stronger alcohol. Try to get a vodka or grain alcohol that is a little stronger. Also try warming the alcohol before mixing. 

I have made a mistake when mixing and added 1 L (0.26 US Gal) of alcohol instead of making it up to 1 L (0.26 US Gal). Can I remove some of the alcohol?

No but you can always double your recipe. Just keep in mind to add less alcohol next time.

My Whiskey Flavouring Profile "A" is a bit cloudy or has solid particles - is it still ok to use?

Yes, it is fine to use. When the temperature gets below 15°C one of the ingredients used in the Whiskey Flavouring Profile "A" starts crystallising. This is a natural phenomenon and it does not affect the quality of the flavouring. The cloudiness/floating bits will disappear with warmer temperature.