Step - 4: Flavouring/Blending the Spirit

When using the T500 or Air Still you will create a pure spirit that is similar to a vodka. So if you choose to, the final step is adding flavour to it to make it into a new delicious creation.

Still Spirits offers over a hundred flavours and infusements to choose from including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs, schnapps and cocktails. So you can create something new or replicate one of your favourites.

Our specialised technical team is constantly developing and testing new and exciting flavours for our customers and making the process simple and enjoyable.

This is quite a simple step, just follow the instructions on the label of your flavouring. NOTE: Some flavours require bases, please check the flavour instructions on the packaging

When using the Alembic Pot Still you will produce the flavour of your recipe. You don't need to flavour this, unless you want to add oak chips or experiment with blending. 

This video below will demonstrate how you would do this.