Introduction to Distilling Livestream

Thanks for Joining Us on Facebook Live for an Introduction to Distilling

Here’s what we covered today: 

  • A brief overview of the distilling process 
  • How to make and ferment a neutral wash, how to filter spirits and how to use flavourings 
  • How Still Spirits products make small batch distilling easy and enjoyable, and how to use them 
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It isn't hard to make great spirits at home, but you do have to play by the rules. The use and possession of stills and other distilling equipment – while perfectly legal in New Zealand – can be heavily regulated by foreign, federal and/or local laws and may require permits and licenses or in some cases, is illegal. Still Spirits recommends you check home distilling regulations with your local authorities before purchasing and using distilling equipment. 

The information in our livestreams is intended for licensed distillers and those who live in regions where distillation is legal. Our discussions of distilling products and processes are for informational purposes only.