Step - 2: Distilling

You'll need a still to distil your wash to make your own spirits at home.

Distillation of fermented juices has been used since ancient times to produce distilled beverages with a higher alcohol content.

The fermented mix is heated up to boiling point, the alcohol vapour, being lighter than water vapour, rises up to the top of the still and condenses back into a liquid alcohol, purer than what was in the fermented juice.

Still Spirits currently provides three top of the range stills, the T500 (a reflux still for a 25 L wash), the Alchemist Series: Alembic Pot Still and the Air Still (pot still for a smaller 4 L wash).The T500 delivers commercial quality spirit using a fractioning column and water to condensate the alcohol vapour back into a pure 90-95% ABV Spirit, while the Air Still makes 55% ABV spirit by condensing the alcohol vapours using a fan and air (because of this technology, you do not need to remove the first 50 ml as methanol is not produced). 

To compare these and decide which still is best for you see Choosing a Still. If you choose the T500, the Complete Distillery is a great package which provides you with everything you need to start.



Air Still

 Alembic Pot Still