Understanding Yeasts

What is yeast and how does it work?

Yeast is a single cell organism which multiplies vigorously in the presence of oxygen and then after all of the oxygen is used up, yeast will convert sugar into alcohol. Fermentation is simply the process by which yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide - the essence of our wash!

Turbo Yeasts:

Turbo yeast is a mix of dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and nutrition optimised for the yeast.

There are many different strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and this is where the difference in most distilling yeasts lie. Our strain is specifically chosen for its ability to produce quality alcohol and is packed with nutrients that are optimised for providing exactly the right combination of nitrogen, vitamins and trace minerals which the yeast needs in the different stages of the alcohol's fermentation process.

Still Spirits Turbo Yeast also contains pH buffers and antifoaming agent to ensure you get excellent results no matter your experience.


What makes our Turbo Yeasts so special?

The yeast strain we use is a temperature tolerant, versatile strain able to withstand extreme stress factors (such temperature, ethanol, etc.) and still achieve exceptional ethanol yield when used in the correct conditions. This means that even those new to distilling can achieve excellent results right from their very first still.

Purity - is always an important factor for distillers. The more pure alcohol that is produced, the less filtering is necessary. A balance between purity and volume has to be taken into consideration, as well as the capacity and the cost to filter. In short, the more nutrients present in the yeast mixture, the more off flavours you are likely to get.

Our turbo yeasts various nutritional additives included with the yeast have been optimised to give superior yield and quality within a very respectable fermentation time period.

Speed - Consistently Still Spirits Turbo Yeasts to reach final gravity (FG) quickly to allow you to distil and be enjoying your alcohol as soon as possible. Plus enjoy a higher alcohol yield with a low FG, our Turbo Yeasts will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Temperature tolerance – Many customers don’t have the capacity or want to invest in refrigerated fermenters to control temperature. Internal temperatures increase as the yeast gets to work and over a certain temperature it affects the viability and efficiency of the yeast to convert the sugar to alcohol. Temperature tolerant yeast such as our Turbo Yeasts, are a strain that can handle excessive temperatures and other stress factors, yet still deliver great ethanol output.


Choosing the Right Yeast

Turbo yeasts ferment sugar into alcohol wash. There are five Turbo Yeasts to choose from, and each one is especially formulated to work excellently in specific situations - be it your specific climate conditions, or your desired alcohol outcomes. Each Turbo Yeast contains a mix of yeast and nutrients, to make 25 L of Wash and produce alcohol that is extremely low in by-products.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a Turbo Yeast:

  • What sugar substrate are you using? i.e. Glucose Syrup/Dextrose/Molasses/Starch converted grains etc.
  • What volume of alcohol are you trying to make?
  • What will you want to do with your end spirit?
  • What temperature conditions are you fermenting in?

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