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I have only made spirits with it and it works great. Takes two hours to do one run which will give you 750ml of fresh clean spirits. Be sure to filter after diluting the 60% ABV you will get from one gallon of wash. I make enough wash for about 5-6 runs at a time. Easy to do as there are a ton of you tube videos. I will also use it to make distilled water for my lead acid batteries. 

Air Still Review

This is a fantastic piece of kit makes a true spirit with ease from there the world is you oyster for choice of product highly recommended I love it. My friends love it too. A step in the right direction for home brewers.

Air Still Review

I already had some experience with the Turbo 500 and now that I have my own, I'm really happy with it. Thanks for the quick shipping you provided!  

Bill S. (USA) T500 Review

A lovely flavour. I rarely use another, makes a smashing drink.

Alison – Top Shelf Jamaican Dark Rum Review

Quality product - would suggest coupling with the water regulator for very easy temperature control- very happy with the results and super easy to replicate time and time again. Bravo! – 

David Donovan - T500 Review

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