Choosing the Right Glassware for your Cocktails

Choosing the Right Glassware for your Cocktails

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So far in The Cocktail Creative series, we’ve covered the must have ingredients for a Beginner’s Home Bar and the Equipment you need to get set up like a pro. Today we’re going to look at glassware so you can be sure you’re serving up your cocktails in all their glory!

While it isn’t absolutely essential for you to use a special glass for your favourite spirit, liqueur or cocktail, it can make a big difference to the overall experience by enhancing the wonderful flavours and aromas present, as well as keeping your drink at the perfect temperature.

So, what are the different types of glasses and what should they be used for?

Rocks/Old Fashioned Glass

Old FashionedA low tumbler with a thick base. Commonly used for (you guessed it!) liquor served on the rocks, or muddled drinks.

Use for:
Neat or “on the rocks” spirits
Old Fashioned
White Russian



Highball/Collins Glass

HighballA tall, narrow glass with straight sides. Commonly used for mixed drinks and highball cocktails (soda mixer + spirit). A highball glass is interchangeable with a Collins glass which is taller and narrower than a highball glass.

Use for:
Gin & Tonic
Bloody Mary
Rum & Coke
Tom Collins
Long Island Iced Tea


SnifterThe large balloon shaped bottom of a snifter allows the glass to be cupped by the hand, warming the liquor inside which also helps with evaporation and concentration of the aromas.  The tapered rim helps trap the vapours of the spirit, allowing for full appreciation of the taste and aroma. 

Use for:


Martini Glass

MartiniA long stem, preventing your hands from warming the drink. Conical in shape, showcasing the aroma of the drink.

Use for:
Brandy Alexander



Margarita Glass

MargaritaA long stem, like a martini glass, to prevent your hands from thawing the drink. A wide rim for salt.

Use for:
Frozen margarita
Margarita on the rocks
Frozen Daiquiri



Hurricane Glass

HurricaineA heavy based pears shaped glass with a flared top. A hurricane glass is the glass of vacations! Perfect for serving tropical, beachy drinks.

Use for:
Pina Colada
Blue Lagoon 



Coupe Glass

CoupeCommonly used to serve champagne, the coupe glass is perfect for strained cocktails with a touch of acidity.

Use for:
Pisco Sour
Whiskey Sour
Dark & Stormy


Cordial Glass

CordialThe term 'Cordial' is used to describe sweet, dessert-like liqueurs. Fittingly, these small, stemmed glasses are designed for sipping on liqueurs.

Use for:
After-dinner drinks




So there you have it, the perfect glass for your handcrafted cocktail! If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, we’ve got you covered – view our recipes here


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