Tonic Water Flavouring Kit

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All the ingredients you need to create your own tonic water in one week or less! Clean & refreshing with well-balanced sweetness and acidity, hints of lemon, and a delicate quinine bitterness. Simply mix, carbonate, and serve with your favourite spirit.

This kit enables you to create 19 L* of refreshing, flavoursome tonic water in one week or less. Inside you’ll find all the ingredients required to help you blend a delicious, bubbly beverage you can mix with your favourite spirit.


• Flavouring sachet
• Sweetener sachet
• Citric acid sachet
• Preservative sachet

The Tonic Water Flavouring Kit produces a deliciously refreshing tonic water which allows you to get as creative as you want. To have a Gin & Tonic on tap, simply replace 3 L of water with 3 L of gin at 40% ABV. This will create a ready-to-drink G&T with an ABV of approx. 5%. It can also be flavoured with our range of Still Spirits flavourings or with the use of real fruit – when using fruit, we suggest placing this in a muslin cloth or hop sock to avoid clogging up the keg system.

*Kegging set up with 19 L (5 US gal) keg and CO2 required. This is a flavouring product, not a fermented product - therefore carbonation drops are ineffective, and it must be kegged and force carbonated.