Gin Botanicals Mint Leaf Gin Style

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Gin Botanicals Mint Leaf Gin Style

Discover the art and science of craft distilling by making your own small-batch Mint Leaf style gin.

When used with a simple distillery set-up, you can craft distill a refreshing gin with notes of juniper, citrus, and mint, to enjoy any way you like.


Juniper berries (minimum 65%), dried citrus peels (lemon, orange), coriander seeds, liquorice root, dried mint leaves (1.6%).


Attach a Botanical Basket (if distilling with the T500) or a Air Still Infusions Basket (if distilling with the Air Still)  and add your Gin Botanicals before starting your botanicals run.

Please note: Use 30 - 35 g of Gin Botanicals when using the Air still and remove saddles first if using a Turbo 500 Condenser.